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Going it Alone?: lone motherhood in late modernity

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Martina Klett-Davies|
Ashgate Publishing (28 February 2007)

Are lone mothers 'going it alone' in late modernity? This question and more are explored by the author who focuses on how women negotiate lone motherhood in Britain and Germany. Drawing on interviews with 70 lone mothers who live on state benefits, are unmarried and live in inner city areas, Going it Alone? examines the complexity and diversity of their lives; the way in which they try to manage choices and constraints and how they position themselves as carers, dependants or as paid workers. The book assesses the extent to which individualisation can explain the experience of state-dependent lone mothers, developing the concept and providing a better understanding of lone mothers.


'This is a highly scholarly book that deals with an urgent issue of our time. It interweaves contemporary social theory with differentiated meanings, understandings and experiences of state-dependent lone mothers in Britain and Germany. The pioneers, copers and strugglers are compelling images that remain long after the book is closed.'
Diane Perrons, director, Gender Institute, London School of Economics.

'Martina Klett-Davies challenges simplistic assumptions about the role of the state in supporting lone mothers, and provides new insight into concepts of dependency and individualisation in modern society.'
Professor Jane Millar, Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy, University of Bath, UK.

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