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Tim Newburn|
Willan Publishing (31 August 2007)

This is a comprehensive introduction to criminology for students who are either new or relatively new to the subject. This text provides the basis of study for the new undergraduate student of criminology and those who need a foundation knowledge of criminology in other relevant courses. These include access and foundation degree courses run by colleges, university level courses in law, probation, policing, criminal and forensic investigation, and forensic psychology, as well as criminological components of A level courses in sociology and psychology.

Tim Newburn is professor of criminology and director of the Mannheim Centre at LSE, president of the British Society of Criminology and an experienced and prolific author.


'At last a truly comprehensive, accessible yet authoritative introductory textbook for students of criminology in the UK and beyond written by one of our outstanding criminologists. Given its clarity, breadth and depth, it has the potential to become the 'must have' book for every undergraduate student and teacher of criminology . Put bluntly it puts all other introductory criminology textbooks in the shade'.
Professor Gordon Hughes, Cardiff University

'I think it's a better book for an undergraduate audience than its competitors, and I think this will be borne out by its adoption and sales. . . it takes students through a step-by-step, coherent story of nuanced, contextualised and well judged ideas and illustrations in studying criminology.'
Dr Colin Webster, Leeds Metropolitan University

'There is no other text which addresses the market anywhere near as effectively as this one. I for one would expect to use it extensively and am sure that this will be so for the great majority of those teaching criminology at this level.'
Dave Edwards, London South Bank University

'I have little doubt that Newburn's proposed work will quickly supplant all rivals as our principally recommended text for first-year undergraduate students. . . I can easily imagine it becoming the new 'bible' for students of criminology.'
Dave Waddington, Sheffield Hallam University

'Excellent. . . a formidable competitor in the market place.'
Professor P.A.J. Waddington, University of Wolverhampton

'Newburn's distinctive accomplishment in this book is the combination of accessibility and scholarship, achieving (near comprehensive) breadth without compromise to depth. . . It is not easy to think of another criminologist who could have managed this nor of a better single volume to put in the hands of a criminology student.'
Professor Rob Canton, De Montfort University

'Exceptionally comprehensive and well structured, it will undoubtedly become one of the leading criminological textbooks on the market . . . I would have no hesitation in recommending it for use by my students as well as referring my colleagues to it.'
Lorraine Wolhuter, University of Wolverhampton

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