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The European Union at the United Nations: intersecting multilateralisms

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Katie Verlin Laatikainen, Karen E Smith|
Palgrave (April 2006)

This is the first book to examine in depth the European Union's relationship with the United Nations and to analyse critically the EU's contribution to 'effective multilateralism'. The contributors show that the EU most often fails to make the UN as effective as it should be in addressing global challenges: the EU is failing to lead within the UN, and yet it is still developing itself as a credible and reliable partner for the UN.


'Omnipresent grumbling about the UN encounters growing dissatisfaction about the EU. This invaluable collection provides a helpful counterweight with both insights and concrete examples illustrating when multilateralism matters to contemporary challenges of globalization and insecurity.'
Thomas G. Weiss, Presidential Professor, The CUNY Graduate Center, and Director, Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, USA

'The editors have elegantly integrated the contributions of several well-known experts on the European Union and the United Nations into a seamless and clearly written examination of a key issue in international relations. Contributors to Intersecting Multilateralisms expertly - and candidly - assess what this means for European governments, for the EU as a global actor and for the UN. While their conclusions are not uniformly flattering, either to the EU or the UN, they are highly informative...the broadest and deepest analysis of the European Union in the United Nations available in the literature of international relations.'
Donald J. Puchala, Byrnes Professor of International Studies, University of South Carolina, USA

  • Katie Verlin Laatikainen is associate professor of political science at Adelphi University, USA.
  • Karen E Smith is reader in international relations and director of the European Foreign Policy Unit at LSE.

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