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Reclaiming the Media: communication rights and democratic media roles

Bart Cammaerts|, Nico Carpentier (eds)
Intellect Books (November 2006)

At the beginning of the 21st century, it hardly goes uncontested anymore that anymore that media organisations play an important role in democracy. The main question have now become whether the contemporary media conjuncture offers enough to our democracies, how their democratic investment can be deepened and how our communication rights can be expanded.

This book aims to look at four thematic areas that structure the opportunities for democratising (media) democracy. The first section is devoted to citizenship and the public spheres, giving special attention to the general theme of communication rights. The second, elaborates further on a notion central to communication rights, namely that of participation. The third section returns to the traditional representational role in relation to democracy and citizenship, scrutinising and criticising the democratic efforts of contemporary journalism. The fourth section moves outside of the traditional media system and deals with the diversity of media and communication strategies of activists.

This is volume three in the European Communication Research and Education Association book series

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