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Models of Democracy, third edition

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David Held|
Polity Press (7 June 2006)

The first two editions of Models of Democracy have proved immensely popular among students and specialists worldwide. In a succinct and far-reaching analysis, David Held provides an introduction to central accounts of democracy from classical Greece to the present, and a critical discussion of what democracy should mean today.

This new edition has been extensively revised and updated to take account of significant transformations in world politics. A new chapter has been added on deliberative democracy which focuses not only on how citizen participation can be increased in politics, but also on how that participation can become more informed.

Like its predecessor, the third edition of Models of Democracy combines lucid exposition and clarity of expression with careful scholarship and originality, making it highly attractive to students and experts in the field. The third edition will prove essential reading for all those interested in politics, political theory and political philosophy.


'Models of Democracy is the kind of established classic which both demands and merits revision every decade or so. The new chapter on deliberative democracy for the third edition, concise and perceptive as always, maintains Held's reputation at the forefront of democratic thinkers today.'
David Beetham, University of Leeds

'The great global struggles today are not over democracy versus other forms of government but over the meanings and practices of democracy themselves. There is no better critical and engaged survey of the complex histories and contemporary struggles over this deeply contested concept than David Held's third and improved edition of Models of Democracy, precisely because it is written in awareness of its own contestability.'
James Tully, University of Victoria

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