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Local and Regional Development

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Andy Pike, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, John Tomaney
Routldege (29 September 2006)

Local and regional development is an increasingly global issue. For localities and regions, the challenge of enhancing prosperity and improving wellbeing and increasing living standards  has become acute for localities and regions formerly considered discrete parts of the developed and developing worlds. Amid concern over the definitions and sustainability of development, a spectre has emerged of deepened unevenness and sharpened inequalities in the development prospects for particular social groups and territories.

Local and Regional Development engages and addresses the key questions: what are the principles and values that shape definitions and strategies of local and regional development? What are the conceptual and theoretical frameworks capable of understanding and interpreting local and regional development? What are the main policy interventions and instruments? How do localities and regions attempt to effect development in practice? What kinds of local and regional development should we be pursuing?

The book addresses the fundamental issues of 'what kind of local and regional development and for whom?', frameworks of understanding, and instruments and policies. It outlines what a holistic, progressive and sustainable local and regional development might constitute before reflecting on its limits and political renewal. With the growing international importance of local and regional development, this book is an essential student purchase, illustrated throughout with maps, figures and case studies from Asia, Europe, and Central and North America.


'There is no better guide to the challenge and opportunities of local and regional development. Theoretically broad-minded and international in scope, this book sets the standard for work in the field.'
Jamie Peck, University of Wisconsin-Madison

'Local and Regional Development offers a masterful synthesis of circumstances, strategies and outcomes. In delightfully readable fashion, the authors explore territory where few geographers and economists ever go. Their goal is truly global, touching down in Busan, Jalisco and Ontario as well as their home tuft, Europe.'
Ann Markusen, University of Minnesota