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History of Financial Disasters, 1763-1995

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Mark Duckenfield (ed)
Volume editors: Vol 1: Stefan Altorfer; Vol 2: Benedikt Koehler; Vol 3: Mark Duckenfield
Pickering and Chatto Publishers (April 2006)

Financial disasters have much to teach us both in terms of the societies and times in which they occurred and also their ramifications for our own times. Such sudden and catastrophic losses have always commanded considerable attention and have provided a wide range of fascinating documentary evidence.

This three volume reset edition looks at the origins and consequences of seminal financial crises throughout history, combining original documents from nineteen financial disasters between 1763 and 1995 with academic interpretations of the major causes and consequences of each crisis. Rare public and private papers provide both source material on the background of each disaster as well as first-hand accounts of how contemporaries viewed and responded to unfolding events.

These documents contain evaluations of the underlying causes of the various crises including, among many others, the connection between politics and banking in revolutionary France during the Assignat Inflation; the restructuring of the British financial system after the crisis of 1825; limited liability and the Overend and Gurney scandal; the creation of the US Federal Reserve after the crisis of 1907; the German inflation of the 1920s; the great crash of 1929; and the role of computerised trading in the 1987 New York Stock Market crash.

The set will appeal to economic, financial and political historians and anyone with an interest in the key economic and financial turning points that have shaped the western world. Includes works and correspondence of many significant political figures and economists such as William Pitt the Elder, Charles F Dunbar, Harold Wilson, Bill Clinton and Barry Eichengreen. Includes newly transcribed unpublished material from major public archives including the Public Record Office and the Bank of England Archives

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Gold Seek, USA
The Nature of Disaster (20 Sep 06)
Book review of History of Financial Disasters. The reviewer writes: 'The general editor of this important historical review is Mark Duckenfield, an accomplished economist and historian at LSE. With the able assistance of co-editors Stefan Altorfer and Benedikt Koehler, also accomplished economic historians, Dr Duckenfield has cast a broad net to gather what are among the best source materials that could be found in the world.'