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Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services

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Mary Lacity, Leslie Willcocks|
Palgrave (2006)

Global sourcing is prescribed for everything from back office services like information technology development to core services such as innovation, marketing and customer care. Outsourcing can deliver on its promises, but it takes a tremendous amount of detailed management on both the client and supplier sides to realise expected benefits. But, as long as risks are properly mitigated, transformational outsourcing can lead to business enhancing results - significantly lower costs, better services and increased revenues.

This book provides in-depth insights into the detailed practices that lead to success. Written by two internationally acclaimed academics and their colleagues, it covers the best-practices on IT outsourcing, offshoring, business process outsourcing, and netsourcing. This book is a must read for any practitioner, academic or student concerned with global sourcing in the next ten years.


'Lacity and Willcocks have been studying and reporting on outsourcing for more than a decade and with a clarity unmatched by others. Now, the results are in, and this book definitively shows that outsourcing can produce great results but only when outsourcing professionals ensure great execution.'
Michael Corbett, executive director, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

'Once again Mary Lacity and Leslie Willcocks have teamed to provide a well researched and practical guide to outsourcing. I would recommend this book to both the experienced and the not so experienced outsourcing practitioner or academic.'
Dennis McGuire, founder and chairman, Technology Partners International

'Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services continues Mary Lacity's and Leslie Willcocks' reign as outsourcing's most prolific researchers. This book is a "must read" for anyone involved in outsourcing and for those who are just curious about it.'
Barry Wiegler, founder and CEO, Sourcing Interests Group

'Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services is must reading for outsourcing practitioners who have struggled, or will soon struggle, through its ever-evolving learning curve. This is an important book based on 17 years of research from which readers will learn how to avoid costly mistakes in business process outsourcing.'
Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group