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Global Inequality: patterns and explanations

David Held|, Ayse Kaya (eds)
Polity (December 2006)

What is global inequality? How can it be measured? What are the major trends and patterns? What are the implications of global inequality for the world economy and multilateral governance? What role does and should inequality play in national and international policy-making?

In this comprehensive overview, the authors address these key questions. They examine all the major issues that need to be confronted in conceptualising, measuring and analysing contemporary patterns of global inequality. In addition, they explore the implications of these patterns for politics and public policy. In explaining the complex global patterns of social stratification, they highlight an intensive debate about whether and to what extend inequality matters. The book also addresses this debate, and seeks to set out the major alternative positions.

The book's authors include many of the most distinguished figures in the field including David Dollar, Gosta Esping-Andersen, Nancy Fraser, James Galbraith, Ravi Kanbur, Branko Milanovic, Thomas Pogge, Bob Sutcliffe, Grahame Thompson, Anthony Vennables and Robert Wade.

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