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Global Civil Society 2006/7

Marlies Glasius|, Mary Kaldor|, Helmut Anheier (eds)
Sage, (3 October 2006)

'Even though current public interest and engagement in issues of global violence are the results of terribly tragic and disturbing events, it is good that these matters are receiving widespread attention. I argue for a wider use of our voice in the working of global civil society - to be distinguished from military initiatives and strategic activities of governments. The Global Civil Society Yearbook can make a substantial contribution to the expression of public voice without border'
Amartya Sen

Suicide bombings, collateral damage, kidnappings and air strikes pepper the lexicon of twenty-first century politics. Global Civil Society 2006/7 explores the complex relationship between violence, civil society and legitimacy in a unique dialogue that crosses political, cultural and religious boundaries. Is the use of violence by non-state actors ever justified? How is violence transmitted from the private to the public sphere? Why is terror and 'the war on terror' catalysing rather than suppressing violence? Do Western and Islamic traditions of thought offer any solutions? This edition of the Yearbook also includes new research on economic and social rights, the politics of water, and football.

Book launch - 3 October 2006

The launch of Global Civil Society 2006/7 takes place with a debate on Delegitimising Violence in a Global Era: the prospects for pre-emptive civility| at 6.30-8pm on Tuesday 3 October in the Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE. Speakers include:

  • Martin Albrow, visiting fellow, Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE
  • Heba Raouf Ezzat, lecturer, Centre for Political Research and Studies, Cairo University
  • Professor Mary Kaldor, director, Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE
  • Tariq Ramadan, visiting professor, St Anthony's College, Oxford, and president of the European Muslim Network

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