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British Social Policy: 1945 to the present

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Howard Glennerster|
Blackwell Publishing (December 2006)

This is a new edition of one of the most widely used texts on the history of social policy in Britain. Covering the period from the end of the Second World War to the present day, Howard Glennerster focuses on the Welfare State to explore the myths that have shaped popular conceptions of social policy, and which continue to dominate current debates. From the earliest days of the Welfare State to New Labour's reform commitments for the new century, Glennerster concludes that social policy can only ever be understood in the context of the political and economic concerns of the time.

For this third edition, the author provides a new final chapter covering New Labour's policies in the 21st century and updates the book's earlier chapters, tables, charts and select biography.


'Well written, comprehensive, analytical and interesting. It will be particularly appealing to students. Many students either find history intimidating or dull, but the author has succeeded in producing a lively account which is eminently readable...It deserves to be widely read by anyone interested in the historical evolution of social welfare in the latter half of this century.'
Social Development Issues

'Glennerster has written an introduction to the history of Britain's post-war welfare state almost without equal.'
Public Administration

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