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The Politics of Contemporary Spain

Sebastian Balfour
Routledge (January 2005)

While Spain is now a well established democracy closely integrated into the European Union, it has suffered from a number of severe internal problems such as corruption, discord between state and regional nationalism, and separatist terrorism. 

The Politics of Contemporary Spain, charts the trajectory of Spanish politics from the transition to democracy through to the present day, including the aftermath of the Madrid bombing of March 2004 and the elections that followed three days later. It offers new insights on the main political parties and the political system, on the monarchy, corruption, terrorism, regional and conservative nationalism, and on Spain's policies in the Mediterranean and the EU. It challenges many existing assumptions about politics in Spain, reaching beyond systems and practices to look at identities, political cultures and mentalities, and brings to bear on the analysis the latest empirical data and theoretical perspectives. 

Providing a detailed political analysis in an historical context, this book will be of vital importance to students and researchers of Spanish studies and politics.