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The International Criminal Court: a global civil society achievement

Marlies Glasius
Routledge (8 September 2005)

A new examination of the International Criminal Court (ICC) from a political science and international relations perspective, this book describes the main features of the court. It also discusses the political negotiations and ongoing clashes between those states who oppose the court (particularly the United States) and those who defend it. In making these issues accessible to non-lawyers, the author presents effective advocacy for non-governmental organisations. She delivers essential background information to the place of the US in international relations and makes a major contribution to thinking about the ICC's future.

While global civil society does not deliver global democracy, it does contribute to more transparent, more deliberative and more ethical international decision-making which, it can be argued, is ultimately preferable to a world of isolated sovereign states with no accountability outside their borders, or exclusive and secretive state-to-state diplomacy.

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