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Storytelling Online: talking breast cancer on the internet

Shani Orgad| 
Peter Lang NY (June 2005)

This is an original sociological study of breast cancer patients' participation in internet spaces. While much has been debated about the significance of the internet, the actual processes of communication in which people engage online are as yet little understood. Exploring the ways in which participants in online spaces configure their experience into a story, the book presents readers with an innovative way of understanding online communication as a socially significant activity. 

The substantive focus of storytelling is analyzed sensitively and thoroughly in its specificity as a social phenomenon. At the same time it is connected to a broad range of debates on communication, internet, health and illness and social agency. These interlinked topics are salient to undergraduate and graduate students  as well as researchers in the fields of media and communication, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, health communication, linguistics and information sciences. 

Shani Orgad is lecturer in media and communications at LSE. She received her PhD in Media and Communications from the School. Her research interests include internet studies, media and everyday life, media and globalisation, narrative and media, health communication and gender and media.