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No More Leaning on Lamp-posts: managing uncertainty the Nick Charles way

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Ian Angell
(July 2005)

Ian Angell says: 'I was asked to write this book by my students at the London School of Economics and Political Science. They are fascinated by all aspects of entrepreneurship, and are forever inquiring into the skills necessary for a successful entrepreneur - no doubt many intend to go on and make their own personal fortunes after completing their studies. When they enquired about the management literature on entrepreneurship, I would direct them, but with little enthusiasm, to the sanitised 'autobiographies' of successful businessmen and women, and toward various 'how to' books - to the 'usual suspects.

'In a weak moment during one particular seminar, and for some light relief, I happened to mention a neighbour, Nick Charles; an entrepreneur with some very radical views about running small and medium sized enterprises. His story immediately caught my students' imagination, and they badgered me for more and more information about him...'

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Press cuttings

Mail on Sunday
Party on, professor (20 Nov 05)
Ian Angell, the LSE's resident professor of alarm and despondency, will be star turn at the launch of his latest book, No More Leaning On Lamp-Posts, a management tome based on the lessons drawn by Nick Charles.  

Birmingham Post
Drink took me to hell and back (30 Aug 05)
Profile of Nick Charles. His technique to help beat alcohol is explained in No More Leaning on Lamp-Posts to be published next month by Professor Ian Angell, LSE.