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Millennium: journal of international studies, special issue on Facets of Power in International Relations (volume 33, number 3)

Felix Berenskoetter, Michael J Williams (eds)
Millennium Publishing House (June 2005)

The concept of power is central to the analysis of international politics. Yet the question of what power means, where it is located and how it works, has been absent from scholarly debates for some time, and the definition provided by the realist paradigm, emphasizing military and economic resources, is still dominating the field of international relations (IR). 

Against this backdrop, Millennium: journal of international studies invited authors from different theoretical and methodological backgrounds to take a fresh look at the phenomenon of 'power' in IR. Bringing together established authorities and a new generation of academic thinkers, the articles collected in this special issue challenge the realist orthodoxy through conceptual reflections and detailed empirical analyses, unveiling a range of power relationships including both state and non-state actors with a particular emphasis on the effects and limits of 'soft power'.

Contributors to the special issue include:

  • Steven Lukes on power and the battle for hearts and minds
  • Stefano Guzzini on constructivist analysis of the concept of power
  • Brian Schmidt on competing realist conceptions of power
  • Richard Ned Lebow on power, persuasion, and justice
  • Janice Bially Mattern on why 'soft power' isn't so soft
  • Anna Agathangelou and L. H. M. Ling on power and play through poisies in the 9/11 Commission Report
  • Thomas Diez on the concept of 'Normative Power Europe'
  • Gerald Schneider on bargaining power in multilateral negotiations
  • Wolf Hassdorf on the limits of British currency machismo in the EMS Crisis
  • Ronnie Lipschutz on power, politics and global civil society
  • Anna Holzscheiter on symbolic capital of non-state actors
  • Doris Fuchs on strength and fragility of global business power
  • Anna Leander on private military companies' ability to construct international security
  • Jennifer Sterling-Folker and Rosemary Shinko on traversing the realist-postmodern divide
  • Christine Sylvester on the war question in (feminist) IR

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