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Media, Technology and Everyday Life in Europe: from information to communication

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Roger Silverstone (ed)
Ashgate Publishing (June 2005)

The importance of the daily experience of new information and communication technologies is highlighted by this timely volume. The book is based on work carried out in the European Media Technology and Everyday Life Network and is structured round a series of seven empirical case studies drawn from research within Europe.

The application of this perspective draws attention not just to the significance of information and communication technologies for a mature understanding of the conduct of everyday life in contemporary Europe, but also for the significance of that understanding for the development of communication and information policy.

The research makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the dynamics and evolution of a core dimension of European society as well as informing on-going and important debates on the nature of the relationship between the social and the technological in the information and communication arena.

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'The revolution in European communications has been mostly about new technologies, policies and common markets. But ultimately it is about people and how their everyday lives are affected. This book, edited by a pioneer in this important field, provides new insights and understanding of the real people dimension.'
William H Melody, Learning Initiatives on Reforms for Network Economies (LIRNE.NET), Technical University of Denmark

'...a highly readable mixture of overview and detailed results, of analysis and synthesis...an essential reference point for further work on a set of topics that will, if anything, continue to grow in importance.'
Professor Ian Miles, University of Manchester