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Globalizing India: perspectives from below

Jackie Assayag, Chris Fuller
Anthem Press (September 2005)

This book is one of the first to present a collection of writings on the effects of globalisation on India and Indian society.

The concept of globalisation itself needs critical examination, and one productive approach is to focus specifically on the local impacts of globalization in its various guises through comparative ethnographic investigations. Such research also permits examination of the relative significance of globalisation, as opposed to national, regional or local factors of change that may actually be more salient.

Jackie Assayag and Chris Fuller have assembled a team of eminent academics, who present a series of critical discussions about important issues of economy and agriculture, education and language, and culture and religion, based on ethnographic case-studies from different localities in India. This challenging collection also includes a major study of the history of globalization and India that sets current trends in perspective.

Globalizing India is a major contribution to South Asian Studies, interrogating a topic of contemporary importance - both within the region and internationally.

Contributers include Henrike Donner, Veronique Benei, and John Harriss from LSE. 

  • Jackie Assayag is director of research in the CNRS. His publications include At the Confluence of Two Rivers: Muslims and Hindus in South India and La Mondialisation vue d'ailleurs: L'Inde désorientée
  • Chris Fuller is professor of anthropology at LSE.