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Global Governance and Public Accountability

David Held|, Mathias Koenig-Archibugi| (eds)
Blackwell (January 2005)

This volume brings together prominent scholars from the fields of politics and international relations in order to explore questions of crucial importance to the creation of a viable and legitimate system of global governance. Questions addressed include: to what extent are those who shape global public policies accountable to those affected by their decisions? Are there accountability deficits? Do these deficits weaken the effectiveness and legitimacy of global policy making? And what can realistically be done to reduce such deficits?

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of major arenas of global decision-making, and evaluates the democratic quality of current efforts to manage global issues. The contributors are Thorsten Benner, David Held, Miles Kahler, Mathias Koenig-Archibugi, Andrew Moravcsik, Patrizia Nanz, Wolfgang Reinicke, Thomas Risse, Jan Aart Scholte, Anne Marie Slaughter, Jens Steffek, Jan Martin Witte and Michael Zürn.

  • David Held is Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science at LSE.
  • Mathias Koenig-Archibugui is a lecturer in global politics at LSE


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