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Funding Local Governance: small grants for democracy and development

Jo Beall|
ITDG publishing (April 2005)

Governments, donors and development agencies like to believe that their interventions help poor people but while intentions are good, efforts often fail because the conditions are not right or the funding mechanisms for aid delivery are inappropriate. This has led to changing trends in aid delivery, with a recent growth in popularity for local funds. 

Funding Local Governance provides an incisive critique of local funds as an aid instrument, tracing strengths and pitfalls in design and implementation, and showing the importance of the political, policy and institutional contexts. Through detailed case study material from around the world, including Africa, Asia, Latin American and Europe, Funding Local Governance provides a rounded and critical analysis that highlights the conditions under which local funds are most likely to succeed, both in supporting community and social development and in promoting local democracy. 

This book is an invaluable resource for academics, professionals and practitioners in the areas of local government and politics, development, urban planning and geography, and will be of great interest to those working in international development agencies, NGOs and local government. 

Dr Jo Beall is a reader in development studies and directs the Development Studies Institute at LSE. She is editor of A City for All (1997) and co-author of Uniting a Divided City (2002). 


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