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Debating Globalization

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David Held| et al
Edited by Anthony Barnett, David Held and Caspar Henderson
Polity Press (September 2005)

Debating Globalization is a short, accessible introduction to the debate about globalization written by many of the most prominent figures in the field. Published by Polity in association with openDemocracy, the book is notable not just for focusing on the pressing difficulties facing our world, but also on solutions. Rich and positive suggestions are made for reshaping globalization into a force that will work for humans everywhere.

In an extended analysis, David Held provides a robust critique of the present order and sets out his alternative vision. Building on arguments he made in Global Covenant, he calls for a new global political agenda, informed by social democratic political values. His analysis has been criticized by leading figures and their responses follow in this book. There are chapters by, among others, Martin Wolf, Roger Scruton, Grahame Thompson, David Mepham, Meghnad Desai, Maria Livanos Cattaui, Patrick Bond, Benjamin Barber, John Elkington, Takashi Inoguchi, Narcís Serra, and Anne-Marie Slaughter and Thomas N. Hale. The volume ends with David Held's reply to his critics.

The book provides a fascinating introduction to the debate about globalisation today.

David Held is Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science at LSE. 

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Book launch

Professor David Held will launch this publication on Thursday 13 October at the Waterstone's Economists' Bookshop at LSE on Portugal Street. He will be at the store from 5.30pm. For more details, contact the shop on 020 7405 5531 or email enquiries@economists.waterstones.co.uk|