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Opium, Soldiers and Evangelicals

Harry Gelber
Palgrave Macmillan (29 April 2004)

This book questions the universal belief that England's 1840-42 war with China was an 'Opium War'. What really worried London was 'insults to the crown', the claim of a dilapidated and corrupt China to be superior to everyone, threats to British men and women and seizure of British property, plus the wish to expand and free trade everywhere. It was only much later that general Chinese resentment and Evangelical opinion at home - and in America - persuaded everyone that Britain had indeed been wicked and fought for opium. 

Harry Gelber is a visiting fellow in the Department of International Relations at LSE.


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Opium, Soldiers and Evangelicals will be launched at LSE on Thursday 29 April at 5.15pm in the Graham Wallas Room, Old Building, LSE. This launch is open to all but for more information, please contact contact Palgrave Macmillan or Harry Gelber on 020 8840 0381.