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How To Find Information: a guide for researchers

Sally Rumsey
Open University Publishing (October 2004)

  • What's the best way to find the information I need for my thesis/dissertation/project?
  • How do I evaluate the relevance and quality of the information?
  • How can I keep up to date in my subject?

Anyone setting out to research a topic, whether undertaking a project, report, dissertation or PhD, needs to find appropriate resources to inform their work and support their arguments. This book enables researchers to become expert at tracking down, accessing and evaluating information.

The book works systematically through the information-seeking process, from planning the search to evaluating and managing the end results. Sally Rumsey looks at how to formulate a search strategy to find and evaluate the most relevant resources, gives guidance for using online bibliographic databases and the web, and includes information on referencing, copyright, plagiarism, and keeping up with new developments in your field.

This concise and contemporary book covers all major areas of information seeking and selection for researchers. Written by an information professional, it is invaluable for anyone researching a topic including academics and students, public and government researchers and researchers in the private sector.