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Globalization: capitalism and its alternatives

Leslie Sklair|
Oxford University Press (September 2004)

Capitalist globalisation has been instrumental in globalising civil society and political rights all over the world as a condition of 'free' markets and trade, but capitalist globalisers have no answer to the rapidly accelerating demands for universal economics and social rights, expressed in the enormous growth of local, national, multinational and global NGOs and anti-globalisation movements.  

In this book, based on his highly successful Sociology of the Global System, Leslie Sklair focuses on alternatives to global capitalism, arguing strongly that there are other alternative futures that retain and encourage the positive aspects of globalisation whilst identifying what is wrong with capitalism. The negative aspects of capitalist globalisation are explored in a new critique which argues that there are two main crises of capitalist globalisation: the class polarisation crisis and the crisis of ecological unsustainability. This book also presents a new analysis of a long-term alternative to global capitalism: the globalisation of human rights.   


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