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EH Carr: a critical appraisal

Michael Cox| (ed)
Palgrave Macmillan (May 2004)

EH Carr (1892-1982) was born into security but lived a life of controversy. Attacked for appeasing both Hitler and Stalin, he was not only one of the most productive writers of the twentieth century but one of its most provocative as well. In this book, the first ever to deal critically but fairly with Carr's contribution to international relations, Soviet studies and the study of history, 16 internationally respected authors grapple with his complex intellectual legacy. For those seriously interested in understanding the life and times of this most English of establishment radicals this is the place to begin. 

Michael Cox is professor of international relations at LSE, and editor of the Review of International Studies. His most recent publications include US Foreign Policy After the Cold War (1995), Rethinking the Soviet Collapse (1998) with K Booth and T Dunne, and The Eighty Years' Crisis: international relations 1919-1999 (1998).


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