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Worlds Apart: civil society and the battle for globalization

John Clark
Earthscan (18 August 2003)

This book goes beyond the polemics to interpret the arguments of both proponents and critics of globalisation. Not searching for a middle ground, it unashamedly looks at the issues through a poverty lens and highlights the injustices of widening inequalities and stacked odds in world trade and finance. It argues for a different management of global change that ensures everyone shares in its opportunities - it is a call for 'ethical globalisation'.

  • Part one: gives an overview of globalisation, looks at the broad economic issues and widening disparity of wealth as well as global changes in the political realm.
  • Part two: describes how the citizen's sector as well as the economic and corporate sectors are becoming more global and how different organisations are facing these challenges
  • Part three: addresses the moral responsibilities of governments. NGOs and corporations in making global decisions and civil society's role in ensuring equitable development.

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