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The Politics of Europeanization

Kevin Featherstone|, Claudio M Radaelli (eds) 
Oxford University Press (June 2003)

This book traces the influence of the European Union on domestic politics and public policies and embraces an innovative perspective based on specific concepts, indicators, and a broad range of thematic issues. Representing the cutting edge of theoretical analysis and empirical research on Europeanization, this work will be essential reading for students of the EU and comparative European politics. 

The publication looks at the political aspects of European integration from the point of view of domestic politics. In doing so, it goes beyond the classic analysis of 'how policies are made in Brussels' and raises instead the question 'what is the power of Europe in national contexts?'

The questions at the heart of this volume are crucial both for our understanding of European integration and for their policy implications. What does Europeanization really mean? How can it be measured? How is the European Union affecting domestic politics and policies in member states and candidate countries? Is Europeanization an irreversible process? Does it mean convergence across Europe? How and why do differences remain? The contributors explain and question the 'power of Europe' by providing theoretical and empirical perspectives on domestic politics and institutions, government and administration, public policies, political actors and business groups. The volume contains a research agenda for the nascent literature on Europeanization.


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