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Mixed-race, Post-race: new ethnicities and cultural practices

Suki Ali 
Berg Publishers (31 November 2003)

Social scientists claim that we now live in a 'post-race' society, where 'race' no longer exists. Yet racism is endemic to British society and people still think in terms of 'black' and 'white'. With a marked rise in the number of children from mixed parentage there is an urgent need to challenge simplistic understandings of race, nation and culture, and interrogate what it means to be both British and of a mixed-race origin. 

Focusing on mixed-race families, this book not only explores current understandings of race, but it shows, using innovative research techniques with children, how we come to 'read' race. What influence do photographs and television have on children's ideas about race? How do children use memories and stories to talk about racial differences within their own families? How important is the home and domestic culture in achieving a sense of stability and belonging? Ali also considers, through data gathered from teachers and parents, broader issues relating to the effectiveness of anti-racist and multi-cultural teaching schools, and parental concerns over social mobility and social acceptability of their children. Rigorously researched, this book is the first to combine children's accounts on race and identity with contemporary cultural theory. Using case studies, it fills a major gap and provides an original approach to writing on race.