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International Relations at LSE: a history of 75 years

Harry Bauer, Elisabetta Brighi (eds) Millennium Publishing Group (3 December 2003)

Over the 75 years of its existence the Department of International Relations at LSE has grown into one of the most prominent centres world-wide for the study of international politics. Students and academics alike have contributed to the establishing of the department as one of excellence and, more characteristically, plurality. From 1971, it plays home to one of the most innovative and cutting-edge journals in the field, Millennium: journal of international studies

For the first time, this book provides and insight into the department's early and recent history, discusses the legacy and achievements of some of its outstanding figures, and invites sustained reflection on the mission underlying this institution. With no pretence of exhaustiveness, the collection of essays combines memory and analysis to sketch out experiences, interpretations and direction of this collective enterprise. 

Reflecting the diversity of the department over the years, the book features hitherto unpublished manuscripts by Martin Wight and FS Northedge, as well as new contributions by James Der Derian, Hugh Dyer, Ronen Palan and Mark Hoffman among others. Topics touched upon include the study of international relations at LSE, the contribution of the Millennium: journal of international studies to the development of the field of IR theory, and the legacy of Hedley Bull, Susan Strange and Phillip Windsor. 


International Relations at LSE: a history of 75 years is priced at £10.99 and is available on campus through the Waterstone's Economists' Bookshop or alternatively through Millennium: journal of international studies directly, but emailing millennium.manager@lse.ac.uk|  

Millennium: journal of international studies
Founded in 1971 at LSE, Millennium is one of the leading journals in the field of International Relations. One of the few academic journals edited and published completely by postgraduate students, it maintains a high professional standard and a reputation for publishing innovative work by both young scholars as well as by established figures in the field. Now in its thirty-first year, Millennium is published tri-yearly. For more information on the journal, click here|.