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Global Civil Society: an answer to war

Mary Kaldor
Polity Press (April 2003)

The terms 'global' and 'civil society' became the new buzzwords of the 1990s. In this important new book, Mary Kaldor argues that this is no coincidence and that the re-invention of civil society has to be understood in the context of globalisation. The concept of civil society is no longer confined to the borders of the territorial state. The end of the Cold War and global interconnectedness have broken the link between states, civil society and war, and blurred the distinction between a 'democratic' west and a 'non-democratic' east and south. This has opened up new possibilities for political emancipation as well as new risks and greater individual insecurity.

This is a book about a political idea. It is an idea that expresses a real phenomenon, even if the boundaries and shape of the phenomenon are contested and subject to constant redefinition. The study of past debates as well as the actions and arguments of the present, is a way of directly influencing the phenomenon, and of contributing to a changing reality, if possible for the better. The task is all the more urgent in the aftermath of 11 September 2001.


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