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Germany, Europe and the Politics of Constraint

Kenneth Dyson, Klaus H Goetz (eds)
Oxford University Press, (October 2003) 

A timely study of the tensions created in Germany by the European project, this volume is essential reading for students of comparative European politics and German studies. 

This book examines the Europeanization of the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany across the polity, politics and public policy dimensions. The book's 17 chapters focus on three key themes: the challenge to the power of Germany to determine the course of the integrationist project and to shape European public policies; the increasing constraints in the domestic political arena associated with Europeanization; and domestic contestation over both the 'constitutive politics of the EU' and specific policy choices. 

  • Kenneth Dyson is research professor at the School of European Studies, University of Cardiff and fellow of the British Academy
  • Klaus H Goetz is senior lecturer in German politics at the Department of Government, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


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