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Business and Politics in Europe, 1900-1970: essays in honour of Alice Teichova

Terry Gourvish| (Ed)
Cambridge University Press (August 2003)

There has been increasing interest in recent years in establishing connections between the political history and the business history of Europe in the twentieth century. This book includes new research on the interactions of politicians, businessmen and their institutions in eight countries, with particular focus on the highly-charged interwar period, and is intended to honour Professor Alice Teichova, who has had to flee from political repression twice in her long career - once from the nazis in 1938 and second from the USSR after the Prague spring in 1968. Despite these setbacks she has built up an impressive historical legacy and is regarded as one of the most important European economic historians of the 20th century.

Fourteen essays cover subjects under four main headings: the business-politics paradigm; banking finance; business and politics in the national socialist period; and the business community and the state. Together they form a fitting tribute to the academic scholarship and inspiration offered by Alice Teichova. In her distinguished career, and in particular since the publication of her path-breaking book An Economic Background to Munich in 1974, she has done much to stimulate a collaborative approach to international comparative work in the field of economic, political and business history. The case studies presented here demonstrate her considerable legacy to the subject. 


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