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Bringing Churches Back In: church and state in Europe

John Madeley and Zsolt Enyedi (eds)
Frank Cass Publishers (January 2003)

Despite a wide consensus among political philosophers in favour of the religious neutrality of the liberal democratic state, nowhere in Europe is this principle fully realised. From Ireland to Russia, Norway to Malta, a bewildering array of patterns of church-state relations reflect different confessional traditions, contrasting histories and distinctive constitutional and administrative practices. Identifying and analysing these patterns has become all the more important in recent decades because of the resurgence of the religious factor in politics in many parts of Europe, often around issues directly related to church-state relations in its broadest sense. 

This volume brings together a range of studies which span the most salient aspects of this tropical subject, focussing on individual countries or groups of countries which best illustrate each aspect.


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