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The Changing Politics of Foreign Policy

Christopher HIll
Palgrave Macmillan (4 October 2002)

The Changing Politics of Foreign Policy is a major introduction to, and interpretation and reassessment of, the nature of foreign policy in the light of changing political conditions, international and domestic. It argues that despite the forces of globalisation, foreign policy is an essential part of the life of any state and a focal point for both political agency and democratic accountability.

Includes chapters on:

  • Foreign policy in international relations
  • The politics of foreign policy
  • PART I: Agency
    • Actors: the responsible decision-makers
    • Agents: bureaucracy and the proliferation of external relations
    • Rationality in foreign policy
    • Implementation: translating decisions and capabilities into action
  • PART II: The international
    • Living in the anarchical society
    • Transnational reformulations
  • PART III: Responsibility
    • The domestic sources of foreign policy
    • The constituencies of foreign policy
    • On purpose in foreign policy


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