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Latent Variable and Latent Structure Models

George Marcoulides and Irini Moustaki, eds
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (April 2002)

This new edited volume features cutting-edge topics from the leading researchers in the areas of latent variable modelling. Content highlights include coverage of approaches dealing with missing values, semi-parametric estimation, robust analysis, hierarchical data, factor scores, multi-group analysis and model testing. New methodological topics are illustrated with real applications. The material presented brings together two traditions: psychometrics and structural equation modelling. 

Based on material presented at the 22nd biennial conference of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in the Behavioural Sciences (SMABS), this volume will be of interest to researchers and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines. As such, the chapters are aimed at a broad audience concerned with the latest developments and techniques related to latent variable and latent structure models.


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