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Gendering the International

Louiza Odysseos and Haken Seckinelgin (eds) 
Palgrave Macmillan (September 2002)

This book expands the ways of analysing gender in international studies beyond the state-centric perspective on international relations. It contends that it is possible to think about 'the international' beyond the traditional framework and illustrates that international relations is a set of varied gendered practices.

This is done by critically examining the ways in which gender discourses are deployed in teh analyses of 'the international'. It also reflects on the interactions between gender and globalising forces in a post colonial environment. The book brings to bear on international relations a methodological pluralism from a variety of culturally situated perspectives. It ensures a multiplicity of positions by bringing together a variety of disciplines including area studies, cultural studies, literary criticism, philosophy, political science and development studies.


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