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Cradle to Grave: life-course change in modern Sweden

Jan O. Jonsson and Colin Mills (eds)
Sociologypress (April 2002)

The empirical study of the life-course of individuals is one of the most promising areas of research within sociology today. Increased availability of large-scale longitudinal data and improved statistical methods have made it possible to address theoretically relevant questions about events such as entrance into the labour market, job mobility, divorce and death. This book consists of studies capturing the life-course from the cradle to the grave. The studies shed light on the relation between family and work, on gender inequality, social class differences, welfare state re distribution and labour-market processes. They do this in a particular context, namely Sweden in the post-war period - the decades that formed one of the most advanced welfare states in modern history. The introductory chapter provides a descriptive account of institutional and life-course change in Sweden during that period in a comparative context.


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