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The latest LSE news brought to you by the Press Office.


Growth Commission report

LSE recommendations behind UK government's new Infrastructure Commission

The UK government’s new Infrastructure Commission, unveiled at the 2015 Conservative Party Conference, was one of the key recommendations of the LSE Growth Commission.


Up to £1/2 million of scholarships for refugees at LSE

LSE is significantly increasing the funding available for scholarships for asylum seekers and refugees, in response to the on-going international crisis.

school sign

Poor children in London get better grades than those outside due to improvements in the capital's schools

A dramatic difference in GCSE grades achieved by poor children in London compared to their peers outside the capital is due to improvements in the city's schools, says new CASE research.

PhD Students 62x86

LSE opens new PhD Academy to nurture next generation of leaders

A new PhD Academy opened at LSE today provides doctoral students with a specially designed space that includes a common room, a teaching room and central services all in one location for the first time in the School’s 120-year history.

44 Lincoln's Inn Fields

LSE announces 'Paul Marshall Building'

LSE launches a new architectural design competition as it announces the 44 Lincoln’s Inn Fields site will be known as the Paul Marshall Building, in recognition of the unprecedented donation by the philanthropist and financier. 


NHS health check programme wasting £450 million a year, says new report

The NHS Health Check programme is ineffective and currently wasting £450 million a year in scarce resources, according to a new report from LSE and University of Liverpool.


Shifting drug strategies in Ireland and the UK

On 2 November, LSE IDEAS will host a high-level policy planning workshop which will focus on changing drug strategies in Ireland and the United Kingdom, with a keynote speech by current Irish Minister with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy, Aodhán O’Ríordáin (pictured).

IPS kitchen

Islington community threatened by eviction offers lessons for housing vulnerable says LSE

A housing community in Islington, which is under threat of eviction, provides a useful model for tackling the social isolation of vulnerable and older people says a new report from LSE London.


New housing solutions needed in London for new graduates

Fewer than six per cent of new graduates who move to London come from the most disadvantaged 20 per cent of UK neighbourhoods, according to a report by LSE London for the Sutton Trust.

Houghton Street

LSE ranked second in the world for social sciences in latest university league table

The London School of Economics and Political Science has been ranked second in the world for social sciences for the third year in a row, according to the latest global university league table.

school sign

Coalition government education policies muddied by conflicting strategies

The potential benefits of the Pupil Premium for children from low-income families were counterbalanced by other policies, says a new analysis.

Drivers personality quiz

You Auto Know: Which Driving Personality Are You?

An ongoing study on the social psychology of road safety conducted jointly by LSE and tyre manufacturer Goodyear, and managed by LSE Enterprise’s consulting arm, has found seven different driver personality types on Britain’s roads.


Simon Hix62x86

LSE announces first Harold Laski Chair

Prominent political scientist Professor Simon Hix has been named the inaugural Harold Laski Chair at LSE. The Chair has been created by LSE to commemorate its former professor and one of Britain’s most prominent socialists, who taught at the School from 1926 until his death in 1950.


Democratic Audit welcome change in EU referendum question 

Professor Patrick Dunleavy, the co-director of Democratic Audit UK, argues the Electoral Commission's recommended wording for the EU referendum question makes the options "crystal clear" to UK voters.


LSE's Chinese summer

August was a busy month for LSE in China, with the School hosting its annual LSE-PKU Summer School and graduation ceremony, as well as several careers fairs and pre-departure events to welcome new students to the School in six cities.


Lesbians, gays and bisexuals less satisfied with life, new report shows

A major study of sexual minorities in the UK and Australia shows that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are significantly less satisfied with their lives than heterosexuals.


Internet is both harming and helping older adults

Almost five million Britons aged over 64 do not have any internet skills, with many older people believing digital technology is “too difficult to use” and a luxury rather than a tool for improving life quality.

Professor Paul Kelly

National Student Survey 2015

Professor Paul Kelly, Pro-Director for Teaching and Learning, responds to this year's results and outlines how the School is planning to improve student experience in the years to come.

London skyscrapers62x86

London faces skyscraper pressure unless planning laws change

Scarcity of land in London could result in the capital becoming a city of residential skyscrapers unless existing planning laws are altered, according to LSE urban economist Gabriel Ahlfeldt.


Practical help to rebuild Syria's economy, rather than bombs and aid, is essential for defeating ISIL, says new LSE research.

Dynamic state-building, rather than aerial bombardment and the provision of aid, is essential for defeating ISIL, according to new two LSE research papers. 


Attending church is the key to good mental health among older Europeans, LSE study finds

A study of depression among older Europeans has found that joining a religious organisation is more beneficial than charity work, sport or education in improving their mental health.


Drug possession should be removed from police performance indicators, says new LSE study

Drug possession should be removed from police performance indicators to encourage officers to spend more time solving serious crime rather than targeting low level possession of cannabis, according to a new LSE study.


Link between intelligence and longevity is mostly genetic

The tendency of more intelligent people to live longer has been shown, for the first time, to be mainly down to their genes by new research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.


Less able, better off kids more likely to become high earners than bright poor kids
New research, conducted by LSE's Abigail McKnight for the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, has exposed the reality of a glass floor in British society that protects less-able better-off children from falling down the social ladder as they become adults.

Euro 62x86

Single currency has led to increase in generosity, decrease in national pride

New research from LSE shows that countries who have adopted the Euro single currency in the past decade have experienced a decline in national pride. However, the knock-on effect is a more generous approach to spreading wealth from rich to poor and a stronger European identity.

British Academy 62x86

Seven LSE professors elected new Fellows of British Academy

Seven LSE academics, including LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun, have been elected Fellows of the British Academy in recognition of their outstanding research.


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