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The latest LSE news brought to you by the Press Office.

World's top economists warn UN Sustainable Development Goals will not succeed without emphasis on economic growth|

Some of the world’s top economists have warned the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, that the Sustainable Development Goals will not succeed without a stronger emphasis on the need for economic growth.



Stand tall if you are living in a democracy|

Men growing up in a democracy are likely to be taller than those who spend the first 20 years of their lives in a communist regime.


Poor lose, and rich gain from direct tax and benefit changes since May 2010 – without cutting the deficit|

New report co-authored by LSE's Professor John Hills finds the poorest have lost the biggest share of their incomes following benefit and direct tax changes since the 2010 election.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Emily Jackson on assisted dying|

Emily Jackson, Professor of Law, discusses euthanasia and assisted suicide in the latest Gearty Grilling.


New Ebola bulletin warns of danger to food security in Sierra Leone|

The number of traders in some areas of Sierra Leone affected by Ebola has fallen by almost 70 per cent, warns a new bulletin on the economic impact of Ebola from the International Growth Centre, based at LSE. 

Hunger for Peace

Local ceasefires offer respite and a glimpse of peace in Syria|


A new report, co-authored by LSE academics, finds local ceasefires could hold the key to easing humanitarian suffering in Syria and building momentum towards ending the conflict.


New book challenges the popular myths surrounding the welfare state|

A new book by Professor John Hills challenges the "strivers versus skivers" myths that underpin current political debate around welfare benefits.


Brazilian Secretary of State for Social Development to speak at LSE|

Tereza Campello, the Brazilian Secretary of State for Social Development, and Camila Batmanghelidjh of Kids Company will be among the speakers at an international policy seminar to discuss LSE research carried out in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.



Conservative pledge to scrap Human Rights Act condemned by LSE Law Professor|

A Conservative party election pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act was condemned in a keynote speech by Conor Gearty at LSE.

Mary Morgan - small

This week's Gearty Grilling: Mary Morgan on modelling the economy|

Mary Morgan, Professor of History and Philosophy of Economics, discusses how economists work and think,


More of us are heading down the social ladder, new research finds|

A study by Oxford University and LSE shows that, contrary to what is widely supposed, there has been no decline in social mobility in Britain over recent decades but more of us are moving down rather than up the social ladder.


UN Habitat Director to join the 13th Urban Age Conference|

The head of UN Habitat, Joan Clos, will join one of the major world gatherings of urban leaders next week in Delhi, as part of the 13th Urban Age conference, organised by LSE Cities and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society.


LSE Executive Summer School graduate awarded £7m for sustainable credit programme by Central Bank of Nigeria|

Dr Antonia Ashiedu, Hon. Commissioner for Poverty Alleviation of the Delta State, Nigeria, is to manage and administer two billion Naira for the continued sustainability of a Micro-Credit Scheme aimed at helping both the rural and urban poor.


Changing internet risks for children|

European 11-16 year-olds are more likely to be exposed to some online risks, such as being cyberbullied, compared to four years ago. However, they are less likely to make contact with a stranger online, according to the latest EU Kids Online report.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Martin Knapp on mental health spending|

Martin Knapp, Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Personal Social Services Research Unit, discusses why spending on mental health should be a priority.

siblings in woods

Does having children make us any happier?|

The birth of a first and a second child briefly increases the level of their parents’ happiness, but a third does not, according to new research from LSE and Western University, Canada.

mobile Phone small

Parents less likely to monitor their children's internet use if accessed via smartphones|

Parents are less likely to closely supervise their child’s internet use if they are accessing the internet using a smartphone or tablet, finds the latest report from EU Kids Online at LSE.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Lilie Chouliaraki on humanitarian communication|

Lilie Chouliaraki, Professor of Media and Communications, discusses the ethics of the use of celebrities by humanitarian organisations.


LSE report reveals £8 billion cost of mental health problems in pregnancy|

Perinatal mental health problems cost the UK £8.1 billion each year, according to report released by LSE and the Centre for Mental Health.


TRIUM Executive MBA Programme ranked number one in the world in Financial Times survey|

TRIUM Global Executive MBA Programme, in which LSE is a partner, has been ranked number one in the world in annual ranking of Executive MBA programmes.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Paul Cheshire on the housing crisis|

Paul Cheshire, Professor Emeritus of Geography, argues that green belt land should be used to solve the housing crisis.

Joyce Banda

First female President of Malawi to launch LSE programme examining women's experiences of public life|

Dr Joyce Banda is visiting LSE as a Visiting Professor as part of the Above the Parapet programme, which examines the experiences of high profile women who have shaped public life.


LSE Library launches Fabian Society Archive|

The Library has made hundreds of pamphlets and minute books from the Fabian Society available on its Digital Library.


LSE statement on Freshers' Fair incident|

The latest news from the School and the SU as action is taken following the distribution of offensive leaflets during Orientation Week including misogynistic and homophobic slurs.

Houghton Street

LSE launches specialist entrepreneurship unit|

A specialist unit dedicated to promoting and understanding entrepreneurship’s potential as a powerful force for driving change around the globe has been launched by LSE.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Eileen Barker on cults|

Eileen Barker, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, gets a grilling from Conor Gearty on accusations that she is a "cult apologist".


School can worsen disabled children's behavioural problems, researchers say|

Much more could be done to help children with physical and learning disabilities cope with the challenges they face on entering school, new research suggests.


LSE continues to ride high in rankings| 

LSE has maintained its position as one of the top universities in the world according to the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Nicholas Barr on student loans|

Nicholas Barr, Professor of Public Economics and architect of the student loan, explains why students should regard it as a graduate tax, rather than a debt.


Where the Scots have led, the English, Welsh and Northern Irish can follow...|

IPA Director, Professor Conor Gearty, looks at the potential fallout of the Scottish independence referendum, and says it is time for constitutional change across the UK. 


LSE Library launches "the Woman's Hour of Westminster" digital archive|

LSE Library has launched ‘Boni Sones and Associates Archive of Women’s Parliamentary Radio and Parliamentary Radio broadcasts’.


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