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The latest LSE news brought to you by the Press Office.

Taste of university life leads to full-time experience for 23 new students|

LSE will welcome 23 new undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds in October as part of its ongoing commitment to make university education more accessible.


LSE celebrates fifth annual graduation ceremony in Beijing|

LSE held its fifth graduation ceremony in Beijing, China on Monday 18 August 2014, celebrating the success of around 270 graduates with their families and friends.

school boy small

Psychology of parenting: Mother's personality measured during pregnancy predicts how well children perform in GCSEs|

Babies born to mothers who hold a strong belief that their fate is in their own hands and not down to luck tend to perform better in their GCSEs.


LSE launches new award for asylum seekers|

LSE is set to offer financial support worth up to £20,000 a year for asylum seekers who have been offered a place to study at the School.


Internet speed closely linked to property values|

Home owners in London are willing to pay up to 8 per cent above the market price for properties in areas offering very fast internet speeds, according to a new study.

Studying Students

Black and ethnic minority students less likely to receive offers from university than white students|

University applicants from black and ethnic minority backgrounds are less likely to receive conditional offers than comparable white British applicants according to research from LSE.


LSE and ESC announce the launch of a new executive-style MSc to train the next generation of leaders in cardiovascular sciences|

The MSc aims to equip cardiovascular specialists with the health management, economics, research and policy skills required to take on advisory, management or leadership roles within the field.


Two alumni made LSE Honorary Fellows|

Two LSE alumni with a record of outstanding service to public life and the law have been made Honorary Fellows of the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Rising prices, falling wages and welfare cuts – a recipe for debt in Newham|

Households in one of the poorest boroughs in London face crippling debt and financial pressures despite a widespread desire to work and an aversion to high cost lenders, according to a new report from LSE.


Saw Swee Hock Student Centre nominated for RIBA Stirling Prize|

LSE's Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, the first new building commissioned by LSE in over 40 years, has been shortlisted for the 2014 RIBA Stirling Prize.

British Academy

British Academy elects four Fellows from LSE|

Four academics from LSE have been elected Fellows of the British Academy in recognition of their outstanding research.


LSE one of England's biggest university spenders on student outreach and bursaries|

LSE recognised as one of England’s biggest university spenders on student outreach and bursaries, as a proportion of its fee income, in a report from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and The Office for Fair Access (OFFA).


Twins and short spaced births linked to premature death among parents|

Mothers of twins and parents who have children in quick succession have a greater risk of dying prematurely, new research from LSE shows.


Cyberbullying now more common than face-to-face bullying for children|

Cyberbullying and exposure to online sites with negative content such as messages of hate or self-harm is a growing problem for the UK's children, according to a new report from LSE.

Professor Danny Quah

This week's Gearty Grilling: Danny Quah on Chinese democracy|
Danny Quah, Professor of Economics and International Development, discusses whether China needs to emulate Western political and social order.

Helen Reece

Cohabiting couples should be wary of government advice to make legal agreements|

Government initiatives to persuade cohabiting couples to make legal agreements about asset redistribution on separation are ineffective and could actually damage relationships, according to Helen Reece.


MPs urged to double psychological therapy in the NHS|

At a meeting in Parliament on Tuesday 1 July, MPs will be urged to double the provision of psychological therapy in the National Health Service by Professors Richard Layard and David Clark from LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance.


Russia's Eurasian Union: a far-reaching attempt at economic integration weakened by its political use|

The Ukraine crisis has accelerated the regional competition between Russia and the European Union and has changed its nature, according to a new report from LSE.


Fear of social rejection leads to improved work performance|

People who fear being disliked are more inclined to improve their work performance because they seek feedback from their colleagues, according to a recent LSE study.


Are 'debt-shy' companies holding back the economy?|

New measures are needed to encourage high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises to seek funding to expand, according to a new report co-written by LSE's Neil Lee for ICAS.


Crowdsourcing a UK constitution: talking to teenage mothers|

Teenage mothers discuss their vision for a written UK constitution in a new landmark video from the IPA.

Anne Power

This week's Gearty Grilling: Anne Power on why we need food banks|

Anne Power discusses growing inequality and why we need food banks.


Childhood aspirations affect later career choices|

Boys who dream of becoming firemen and girls who aspire to become hairdressers are more likely to end up in stereotypically male or female occupations as adults according to new research from LSE.


Scotland takes action to solve rental housing crisis|

The Scottish Government will appoint a private rented sector champion to help solve the country’s housing crisis, on the advice of a report co-authored by LSE London and the Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Alex Voorhoeve on why we need philosophers|

Alex Voorhoeve discusses why we need philosophers to help us challenge our intuitive moral judgements.

Big Ben

Senior politicians to pioneer landmark parliamentary scheme with LSE's Institute of Public Affairs|

David Davis, John Denham and Baroness Sarah Ludford are to pioneer a landmark parliamentary scheme with LSE's Institute of Public Affairs.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Heather Jones on the First World War| 

Heather Jones discusses why the British population supported the First World War despite reports of heavy casualties.


Autism is the most costly medical condition in the UK|

Research published in a leading international medical journal shows that autism costs the UK more than heart disease, cancer and stroke combined.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Christine Chinkin on women in international law and her experiences in Gaza|

Christine Chinkin, Professor of International Law, discusses a new European convention to combat violence against women, and her experiences on a UN fact-finding mission in Gaza.


Sensationalist media coverage skewing children's ability to assess online risk|

Sensationalist media coverage of online risks such as cyberbullying or the dangers of meeting an online ‘friend’ offline, may be acting as a barrier to effectively educating children on e-safety, a new report has claimed. 


Landmark UK constitution crowdsourcing carnival at LSE|

Peter Tatchell and Martin Lewis are among the high profile speakers at a landmark crowdsourcing carnival to engage the public in drafting a new UK constitution.


Pakistan's football factories score goal for innovation|

Pakistan's football-making industry is benefitting from a new technology which allows balls to be made more efficiently, thanks to research funded by the International Growth Centre, based at LSE.


This week's Gearty Grilling: Alan Sked on founding UKIP and his battle with Nigel Farage|

Alan Sked, founder of Ukip, discusses the party's liberal roots and his battle with Nigel Farage.


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