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The latest press releases from LSE

European Union flag

Life after Brexit: new LSE report on UK's options outside the EU (12 February 2016)

To make an informed decision on the merits of leaving the European Union, UK voters need to know more about what the government would do following Brexit, according to a new LSE report.

Youth 62x86

Youth mental health neglect a 'moral scandal and enormous economic mistake', says LSE report (12 February 2016)

More than half of teenagers and young people with mental health problems do not receive any clinical treatment, amounting to a ‘’moral scandal and enormous economic mistake,’’ according to a new LSE study.


LSE research documents powerful industry emerging from Europe's failed fight against migration (11 February 2016)

New research shows how a powerful and lucrative industry has grown off the back of the European migration crisis and argues for a fundamental change of course towards international cooperation and shared asylum systems.

Old Building

LSE invests £11 million on education and student experience (9 February 2016)

Over the next three years, the School's investment will support LSE’s Strategy 2020, aimed at better integrating its world-renowned research with high quality and innovative teaching and an outstanding student experience.


Launch of pop-up shop to stimulate public debate on egg freezing as survey reveals shift in attitudes (8 February 2016)

A fictional beauty brand called Timeless will 'pop-up' in London's Old Street Station to engage women with the issue of how social egg freezing might impact work, relationships and society.

Dog IQ test

Mensa mutts? Dog IQ tests reveal canine 'general intelligence' (8 February 2016)

Dogs have measurable IQs, like people, suggests new research from LSE and the University of Edinburgh.


LSE IDEAS advise Colombian President Santos on new policies for after the 'War on Drugs' (2 February 2016)

What might drug policy look like in the coming years? A series of possible answers were recently provided by academics from LSE IDEAS, who joined Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and senior members of his government to discuss what a post-‘war on drugs’ strategy might look like at a packed event in Bogota.


Internet use increases social inequalities, LSE study shows (2 February 2016)

Internet use is driving a greater wedge in our communities, increasing existing inequalities between rich and poor, a new study reveals.


Income inequality linked to inequality of life spans for first time (25 January 2016)

High income inequality has been linked to inequality of longevity by new research from LSE and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 


LSE Academics to Advise Colombian President Santos on New Policies for After the 'War on Drugs' (21 January 2016)

Leading Academics from LSE are set to advise the Colombian Government on a post-‘war on drugs’ strategy.


Public support for harsh criminal justice policy linked to social inequality (21 January 2016)

Social inequality is directly linked to public support for increasingly harsh criminal justice policy in the UK despite falling crime rates.

European Union flag

Austerity has slowed regional recovery during the post-2008 recession, says new LSE study (17 January 2016)

Austerity measures at national level have not helped regions to recover following the 2008 economic crisis, according to a new LSE study of the UK and other EU countries.


Complaints data is untapped resource for NHS improvement
 (14 January 2016)

The NHS can better utilise the vast potential of patient complaint data, according to a new study from the Department of Social Psychology.

Dr Keyu Jin

"Guarded Optimism" over the medium term on Chinese Economy (11 January 2016)

Speaking as part of the 2016 LSE China Lecture Series, LSE’s Dr Keyu Jin says she has guarded optimism about China’s economy over the next three to five years.