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LSE elects five new Honorary Fellows

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The chief executive of the British Library and the governor of the Reserve Bank of India are among those elected Honorary Fellows of LSE in 2008.

One of the UK's leading barristers, the chairman of the Sutton Trust and the chairman of Citigroup's Executive Committee complete the five who are honoured for outstanding achievements in public life or for exceptional service to the School.

Accepting their honours during graduation ceremonies at LSE on Thursday 17 and Friday July 18 were:

Photograph of Presiley Baxendale QCPresiley Baxendale QC. A former governor and vice-chairman of LSE, she is a mediator who represented the United Kingdom on the EU working group on Alternative Dispute Resolution. She is a former head of Blackstone Chambers and was counsel for the Scott Inquiry into defence exports to Iraq and counsel for the tribunal in child abuse enquiries into the deaths of Jasmine Beckford and Kimberley Carlile.

Photograph of Dame Lynne BrindleyDame Lynne Brindley. Chief executive of the British Library since 2000, she is the first woman to hold that position. She has been a senior manager in information technology and knowledge management at LSE and speaks and writes on those issues and on digital society, copyright and intellectual property She was appointed a Dame in January for services to education.

Photograph of Dr Yaga ReddyDr Yaga Venugopal Reddy. Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Dr Reddy is a former board member of the International Monetary Fund and is chairman of the BIS Asian Consultative Council. He has held posts as a visiting academic at LSE, at Osmania University, India and Administrative Staff College of India.

Honorary fellowships are also being awarded to:

Sir Peter Lampl. Sir Peter is chairman and founder of the Sutton Trust, which aims to improve social mobility, especially for young people from poorer backgrounds. The trust has funded summer schools and other projects to increase access to universities. A successful entrepreneur with a private equity firm the Sutton Company, Sir Peter also held senior positions with the Boston Consulting Group and with International Paper.

Robert E Rubin. Chairman of the Executive Committee for Citigroup, Mr Rubin was educated at LSE, Harvard and Yale Law School and served as co-chairman of Goldman Sachs, as secretary of the US treasury and as an advisor on economic policy to President Clinton. He is co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a founder of the Hamilton Project, an economic policy group based at the Brookings Institution.

Photograph of Justice Kate O ReganAn honorary degree from the University of London is being conferred on Justice Kate O'Regan who has acted as deputy Chief Justice of South Africa's Constitutional Court, where she was appointed a judge in 1994. She has a PhD from LSE and is an honorary professor at the University of Cape Town.

Honorary degrees are awarded to those whose achievements command international recognition and make an important contribution to society.


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Press Cuttings

News Track (21 July)
Y.V. Reddy receives Honorary Fellowship by London School
Y.V. Reddy, the governor of Reserve Bank of India has been awarded an honorary fellowship by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) for his sincere contribution in the field of upgrading the underprivileged.

Deccan Herald
LSE honours Y V Reddy
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Y V Reddy has been conferred with the honorary fellowship of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Mr Reddy became the 21st Governor of the RBI on September 6, 2003, also had served a 6 year tenure with the RBI as its Deputy Governor. 

The Hindu (19 July)
LSE awards honorary fellowship to RBI Governor
RBI Governor Y.V. Reddy, has been awarded an honorary fellowship by the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science for his contribution to the cause of the under-privileged.

18 July 2008