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LSE joins team set to tackle personal data security

EnCoRe LogoA team of academics and industry experts including Dr Edgar Whitley, LSE, have joined forces to try and stem the flood of personal information online which threatens identity security.

People currently have no control over how their personal information is used, stored or to request its deletion. Such information, gathered via online shopping for example, is often passed on to third parties, making control even more of an issue and consumers nervous about interacting online.

EnCoRe - Ensuring Consent and Revocation| - is a £3.6 million project that aims to respond to this situation, making giving consent as reliable and easy as turning on a tap, and revoking that consent as reliable and easy as turning it off again.

EnCoRe is jointly funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Technology Strategy Board, and involves researchers from the University of Warwick, QinetiQ, HW Communications, Hewlett Packard, Oxford University and LSE.

Photograph of Dr Edgar WhitleyDr Edgar Whitley (pictured left), reader in information systems in LSE's Information Systems Group, Department of Management, was awarded £493,155 to undertake research on ensuring consent and revocation in a digital economy for EnCoRe.

He said: 'Those who publish or use people's data need to see the business benefits of giving their customers the reassurance that their information is safe. This includes government departments who often have legitimate reasons for needing to share data but, as we know from recent data breaches, also have a lot to lose if things go wrong.'

EnCoRe will run until 2011. For more information visit www.encore-project.info|


16 September 2008