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Government actions may make recession 'longer and deeper', says Cameron

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Photograph of David CameronNational debt and the recession were the focus of David Cameron's speech at LSE this morning (Tuesday 9 December.)

The leader of the opposition condemned the Government for separating its response to the recession and debt - by addressing the first and ignoring the second. By stimulating the economy by borrowing money, the government 'may even make the recession longer and deeper,' he said.

In contrast, he said, the Conservatives would address both together, because 'we believe we need to act now to set our economy and our public finances on a sustainable path - because doing so will help make the recession shorter and shallower.'

'Today I'm calling on the Prime Minister to put the choice in the hands of the people. Let him call an election so that Britain can decide what we want for our economy, more reckless borrowing and spending, or fiscal responsibility, more inefficiency and waste under Labour, or good housekeeping under the Conservatives, an economy built on debt, or a low-tax, low-debt economy that's built to last,' he concluded.

Click here to read the full speech| or visit our public events podcasts page| to listen to a podcast.

Photograph of David Cameron talking with LSE studentsFollowing the event Cameron went to Cafe Pepe, one of the School's catering outlets and spoke to a group of students including Katie Lapotin, David Whitaker, Jessica Hagley, Alex Blance, Jonathan Willen, Joe Banin and Roger Lewis.


9 December 2008

Press Cuttings

The speech was broadcast live on the BBC| website and on Sky News| and appears on the ITN website. It was also shown on BBC News 24, and reported on local and national BBC radio stations.

Associated Press
Britain's Cameron urges Brown to call election
Britain's opposition leader on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call a national election and allow the public a say on reviving the country's economy. 

Daily Mail
Cameron attacks Brown's spend, spend, spend plan and says: 'We'll end up as bad as Italy'

Cameron Attacks Brown as U.K. Conservative Lead Slips

09/12/08 23:32 ((Financial Times))
Cameron in tough review of spending
David Cameron has ordered his shadow cabinet to recommend spending cuts in their policy areas by next year, as the Tory leader hardens up his economic policy ahead of a potential spring general election. In a pledge that might yet come back to haunt him, Mr Cameron said a Conservative government would end Labour's "shockingly casual" use of public money. "There will be nowhere to hide the foreign trips or office redecorations at the taxpayers' expense, no secret books to store those salary perks and expensive unnecessary training," he said in a speech to the London School of Economics on Tuesday.

Daily Telegraph
David Cameron: Government's 'flawed' borrowing policy putting economy at risk

09/12/08 19:14 ((Guardian))
Downward spiral of debt
David Cameron has yet to provide a concrete alternative to the government's 'borrowing binge'. The government's borrowing plans rely on the fiscal stimulus proving effective. Cameron, speaking to the London School of Economics this morning, argued that borrowing might cause people to rein in their spending right now because if "people know that they will be hit with massive tax rises in a couple of years, they're less inclined to spend more now."

10/12/08 00:12 The Independent
Leading article: Mr Cameron, and the search for economic credibility
It has taken a global economic crisis, but there is finally some serious distance between our two political parties on economic policy. Until a few months ago, the Government and the official opposition were locked in a bad-tempered embrace, with the Conservatives pledged to stick to the Government's spending plans in the immediate term if they took office. Tax cuts were also ruled out by the Tory leadership team. But the economic crash has changed all that. There is now a clear difference in approach, confirmed yesterday by David Cameron's speech to the London School of Economics.

Cameron pledges to 'restrain public spending'

09/12/08 13:53 ((ITN Headlines))
David Cameron speaks about the economy
Conservative leader David Cameron speaks at the London School of Economics about the economy.

10/12/08 02:38 Tiscali-Technology
Brown accused of "economic crimes"
Britain's plan to spend record sums to overcome the global recession is an "economic crime" that could make the downturn even longer and deeper, the Conservatives said on Tuesday. "These Labour politicians have been found out and just as before they will be punished for a generation for their economic crimes," Cameron said in a speech to the London School of Economics.

10/12/08 00:04 Daily Express
Labour 'has spent all your money'
David Cameron last night called for a general election to give voters a chance to reject Labour's "reckless" multi-billion pound borrowing binge. Mr Cameron's broadside came in a keynote speech at the London School of Economics.

09/12/08 22:18 ((This Is London))
Cameron launches attack on Labour's 'reckless' borrowing
Tory leader David Cameron today challenged the direction of Downing Street's counter-recession strategy, branding it a "reckless" borrowing binge that could actually slow down recovery. Speaking at the London School of Economics, Mr Cameron said he would cut spending from 2010 onwards, giving voters a "big and profound choice" at the next election.

09/12/08 18:16 ((The Herald))
Darling attacks 'complacent' Cameron over economy
Alistair Darling has accused David Cameron of "unbelievable complacency" on the economy as the Tory leader pledged to curb Government spending plans from 2010. "The first step is to set realistic targets for public spending," he said in a speech to the London School of Economics.

09/12/08 15:30 Harrow Times, Evening Times, The Examiner
Cameron calls for general election
David Cameron has called for an immediate general election to allow voters to choose between the radically contrasting economic programmes offered by Labour and the Conservatives

09/12/08 11:13 ((Ananova))
'Govt Trying To Buy Confidence'
David Cameron has accused the Government of trying to "buy confidence" with "short term giveaways".
In a speech to the London School of Economics, Mr Cameron said:"A very clear choice is emerging in British politics today.

09/12/08 09:04 ((Yahoo UK))
Govt 'Reckless' But Most Trusted
As a new poll suggests Labour is the party most trusted to get Britain through the recession, David Cameron will renew his attack on the Government's "reckless" handling of the economy. In a speech to the London School of Economics, the Tory leader will accuse Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling of undermining public confidence. 

09/12/08 20:54 ((Ansa.it))
Cameron e alcuni osservatori criticano l'indebitamento pubblico che le misure dei laburisti porteranno, e l'aggravamento futuro delle tasse. "Che faccia le elezioni, così che i cittadini della Gran Bretagna possano decidere cosa vogliano per l'economia, indebitamento e spesa sconsiderati, o più responsabilità fiscale", ha detto il capo dei conservatori parlando alla London School of Economics. 

10/12/08 14:05 ((Higher Education & Research Opportunities (HERO)))
The threat of debt - David Cameron speaks at LSE
Speaking at LSE yesterday, Conservative leader, David Cameron discussed the recession and the record level of Government debt.