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Population mobility and service provision

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A report on Population Mobility and Service Provision by Tony Travers, director of LSE London, Dr Rebecca Tunstall, lecturer in housing at LSE, and Professor Christine Whitehead, professor of housing economics at the School, with Segolene Pruvot for London Councils has been published this month (February 2007).

This project has examined, and sought to measure, a number of the impacts of population mobility and transience on London boroughs. It has done this by examining:

  • the scale of recent migration and other mobility affecting the capital;
  • existing sources of research into the costs and consequences of population mobility;
  • boroughs' own experiences of mobility and the impacts this generates;
  • estimates of some of the costs of mobility for boroughs;
  • a description of some of the service consequences of population movement, eg, for housing;
  • the implications of mobility for local government finance and
  • evidence about the relationship between transience and social cohesion.

Press cuttings

e-Gov Monitor
London Councils welcomes proposals to place councils at the centre of community cohesion (17 June)
London Councils has today welcomed the Commission on Integration and Cohesion report. Mention of a London School of Economics report released earlier this year that revealed population mobility was costing London's boroughs over £100 million a year.

24 dash.com
London's public services need 'more Government investment' (27 Feb 07)
London borough leaders, representatives from business, the voluntary sector, government and academia will be highlighting the capital's needs. London has the highest levels of unemployment, child poverty and homelessness of any region in England, while new research from the London School of Economics estimates population mobility costs London's 33 boroughs over £100 million a year.

Public Finance Magazine
Population changes cost London councils £100m (16 Feb 07)
The government's failure to measure population mobility is costing councils in London £100m a year in lost funding for services, according to a study from the London School of Economics. The research, conducted by Tony Travers for London Councils, found that having large numbers of transient residents and recent immigrants added costs to specific services.

Harrow Times
'Give us a fairer deal' (15 Feb 07)
A new study conducted by LSE shows that costs are not being recognised by the government when it distributes funds to councils for providing services to their communities. The London Councils is calling on the government to take population mobility into account when distributing money to local authorities. The report's co-author Tony Travers from the London School of Economics said: 'Migration provides a major benefit to London's economy.'

13 February 2007