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Sir Nicholas Stern awarded Political Publication of the Year

Sir Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Chair in Government and Economics at LSE, has been awarded the Political Studies Association's (PSA) Political Publication of the Year award it was announced today (Tuesday 27 November).

He was awarded the prize for the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, commissioned by Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, and published in October 2006.

This is the first time that the judges have awarded the Political Publication of the Year to a report. The Political Studies Association writes that: 'this reflects the importance of Sir Nicholas Stern's report on global warming, which provided an admirably clear and balanced analysis of the magnitude of the problem of global warming. The report provided conclusive proof that doing nothing is simply not an option and, in highlighting the looming costs of climate change, has provided the economic impetus for rapid international action to combat the problem. It was welcomed by the British government and the European Commission and, importantly, it also received support from business groups.'

Nicholas Stern returned to LSE this year from the Treasury to the director of the India Observatory and of the Asia Research Centre. He will also continue to research on the impact of climate change. He is confident that climate change can be managed with concerted action, arguing 'we have the time and knowledge to act but only if we do act internationally, strongly and urgently.'

Nicholas Stern said: 'I am delighted with the honour. It is a testament to the work of the whole team that produced the Review. Understanding of this issue has increased dramatically in this last year and we have an opportunity at the UNFCCC in Bali next month to make real progress.'

LSE alumna Shami Chakrabati, director of Liberty, is also honoured by the PSA. She wins a second Setting the Political Agenda award. The judges agreed that Shami Chakrabarti 'always puts a robust case for the defence of civil liberties; that her contributions to a wide variety of media ensure that the case is heard by the widest possible audience; and that her message is always accessible, whilst at the same time presented in a lively and engaging manner.'

The PSA awards are based on nominations received from the PSA's 1700 politics professors, lecturers and researchers, and the final decisions are made by a judging panel chaired by Lord Bihkhu Parekh.

For more on the awards, see http://www.psa.ac.uk/|

27 November 2007