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Art at LSE unites children from around the world

Children from more than 20 countries have painted their hopes and dreams for a two week exhibition organised by students at LSE.

The KEEPS (Knowledge, Economic prosperity, Ecological balance, Political freedom, and Social equity) exhibition is a unique collection of drawings and paintings by young people from around the world - all based on the most important thing in their life.

Mary Kathryn Wyle, one of the 30 LSE students involved in the exhibition, explains the KEEPS ethos: 'As students in an international university, studying development issues across the world, we wondered if one day all children will ever have the same opportunity to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations - and if so, what do children consider important in today's world?

'And that became the goal of the KEEPS exhibition - to spend time with children from all parts of the globe, to learn from them, to hear their stories, to somehow allow others to share in their world. I was stunned by the force of KEEPS. Whether they depicted a more conventional theme such as family, or something as individual as a dragon's egg, the personality of every child was clearly imprinted on his or her work.'

The Christmas and Easter university vacations of 2006-07 provided an opportunity for LSE students visiting home to spend time in a local school or social organisation learning and painting with children. The resulting art work and the stories behind each piece, make up this inspiring exhibition.

The KEEPS project received some enthusiastic responses: 'My brother once played tennis in Darwin and my mum's been to Sydney but I'm going to be in an exhibition in LONDON!' an Aboriginal child in Alice Springs, central Australia, said.

The exhibition, which includes photographic documentation of the workshops, will be on display from Tuesday 15 May in the Atrium of LSE's Student Services Centre, Old Building, Houghton Street, WC2A .


Contact Adam Hyde a.hyde@lse.ac.uk| or Mary Kathryn Wyle m.k.wyle@lse.ac.uk|


The KEEPS exhibition is organised by the Development Studies Institute| (DESTIN) society and the LSE Students' Union| UNICEF society with the support of the Development Society.

The paintings came from:
Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, England, Gambia, Germany, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Africa, Thailand and the United States. The children were mostly between the ages of six and nine.

8 May 2007