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Health worker migration and migrant health in the EU - assessing the options

The latest issue of Eurohealth, a publication by LSE Health and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, is now available.

This issue puts a focus on the health policy issues faced by countries due to migration. An article by Professor James Buchan examines trends in health professional migration in Europe, and highlights key policy options when monitoring and assessing the implications. Also, an article by Philipa Mladovsky discusses the health of migrants and the obstacles to providing them with good quality care.

David McDaid, editor of Eurohealth, said: 'It is remarkable that so little is still known about the impact of migration on the effectiveness of health systems in Europe; nor is there any system in place that can accurately measure the stocks and flows of migrant health care workers. This raises all manner of ethical and practical challenges for policy makers. This latest issue of Eurohealth sets out some of the potential policy options that the international community may wish to consider in their deliberations, including the greater use of international codes of practice, as well as bilateral agreements.'

Deputy editor Sherry Merkur said: 'It is not just health care professionals that continue to migrate across Europe. When does the health status of immigrants become comparable to that of the local population? What steps can be taken to protect both the health of migrants and that of established residents? European countries rarely collect health data by ethnicity, making it difficult for policy makers to address some of these issues. Carefully targeted policies would seem merited, given that in many instances first generation migrants may enjoy a better state of health than that experienced by subsequent generations.'

Other articles in the latest issue of Eurohealth include:

  • Payment by Results in England by Sean Boyle, LSE
  • Mental Health Policy: time to refocus on promotion and prevention by David McDaid
  • Long-term Care Reform in Spain by Joan Costa-Font and Anna Garcia Gonzalez
  • European Snapshots on Albania and Croatia

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5 July 2007