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Harnessing climate change momentum - an international climate change event at LSE

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International and national campaigners, MPs and academics come together to consider climate change at a conference at LSE on Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May.

Following a highly successful event in 2006, the International Climate Change Conference 2007 is a two day event organised in partnership by LSE, the Campaign Against Climate Change and LSE's Centre for Environmental Policy and Governance.

Speakers will include:

  • politicians - Colin Challen Labour MP, Norman Baker Liberal Democrat MP and Jean Lambert Green Party MEP
  • civil society campaigners such as Agnes de Rooij, Greenpeace International and Benedict Southworth, director of the World Development Movement
  • academics such as Dr Michael Mason, lecturer in environmental geography at LSE, and Dr Stuart Parkinson, director of Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Victoria Hands, environmental and sustainability manager at LSE, said: 'This event brings together campaigners, global organisers and academics. Our intention is to broaden the debate on climate change to bring about immediate and effective measures to meet the tough challenge we face.'


To see the programme, please visit Sustainability at LSE| or http://www.campaigncc.org/|  and to book a place please email registration@campaigncc.org|  See also http://www.campaigncc.org/|

Press cuttings

Mathaba News Agency
Khan: 'Put people and planet before profit, to deal with climate change' (30 May)
The youngest female Councillor in the UK, Councillor Rania Khan spoke at the Climate Change conference on 12 May at the London School of Economics.

25 April 2007