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Sustainable Construction - one day conference at the London School of Economics

Over a half of carbon dioxide emissions are associated with our use of buildings. The idea of planning for sustainability is becoming enshrined but how can it really be embedded in practice?

A one day conference, Sustainable Construction: policy planning and implementation, is being organised by the London School of Economics on Thursday 15 June. Speakers will include:

  • Peter Head, London Sustainable Development Commission and Ove Arup
  • Professor Ian Cooper, Eclipse Research Consultants and facilitator to Construction Industry's Sustainability Forum
  • Katherine Hyde, Director of Centre for Environmental Consulting, BRE Environment
  • Sue Innes, Constructing Excellence
  • Sule Nisancioglu, London Borough of Haringey
  • Samantha Heath, London Sustainable Development Commission and London Sustainability Exchange

Nicky Gavron, deputy mayor of London, will speak on the Mayor of London's initiatives on sustainable construction. Professor Yvonne Rydin, project director of the SusCon project at LSE and director of LSE's Centre for Environmental Policy and Governance, will also present the work of new LSE research into sustainable construction. This found that:

  • Implementing policies for more sustainable construction practices could make new development significantly more environmentally friendly and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with development.
  • Provision for recycling facilities and community heating schemes are particularly important.
  • There is scope to devise planning tools, such as checklists, to support local planners in everyday development control but these need to be time-efficient and linked to approved plans.

Changing development control practice also needs political support at local and national levels. Professor Rydin said: 'Our research identified a real lack of knowledge brokers - people able to communicate effectively within European and national circles and technical and policy networks. These kind of people are essential if 'toolkits' and important information about sustainable construction is to be translated into practice. Without such brokers, the flow of effective knowledge slows to a trickle.'

'Within London, the presence of the GLA and various organisations such as the London Sustainable Development Commission and the London Development Agency is creating a rather more positive picture. But there is more work to be done to give London borough planners the confidence to use sustainable construction practices in their everyday decision making.'

This conference is supported by the Higher Education Initiative Fund (II) of the Higher Education Funding Council for England.


Contact Professor Yvonne Rydin, Centre for Environmental Policy and Governance, LSE, on 020 7955 7605, email: y.rydin@lse.ac.uk|

Or Ryan Bradshaw, LSE Press Office, on 0207 7955 7582

posted 7 June 2006