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First LSE-POLIS Indian Media Leaders Forum

The international, economic and political significance of the Indian media and the challenges it faces in the global news market will be discussed at the first forum for Indian media leaders hosted by LSE's new journalism and society think-tank, POLIS|, in New Delhi on Wednesday 6 December.

The event is part of the LSE's third Asia Forum| on 'Challenging Globalisation - Reform, Governance and Society'. The Asia Forum will be opened by Dr Manmohan Singh, prime minister of India, who will address the overall conference theme in his keynote speech.

The POLIS roundtable, which precedes the Asia Forum, will bring together some of India's leading journalists and editors to discuss the potential for growth and development of the news media in India.

They will examine issues such as foreign investment; the potential of online news; the geo-political role for Indian journalism in a globalised economy; the conflict between traditional values, journalistic ethics and commercial interests; cultural diversity in reportage and in the newsroom; the role of journalism teaching, research and debate in sustaining the news media; and the impact of globalisation on the regional press.

POLIS director Charlie Beckett said: 'How the Indian media reports its own nation is vital to its political health. The journalism that India produces over the next period will also be critical in explaining the changing world to Indians. And beyond that Indian journalists will also have to mediate India's powerful position to the rest of the world community.'

POLIS will publish a booklet on the Indian media leaders forum entitled The Future For Indian Media, which will also be available on the POLIS website at www.lse.ac.uk/POLIS|


POLIS Director Charlie Beckett is available for interviews in New Delhi between December 5-7 and Mumbai between December 7-9.

Contact: C.H.Beckett@lse.ac.uk|, mobile +44 (0)7808 786573.


POLIS is the new think-tank for debate and research into journalism and society at the LSE and the London College of Communication, University of the Arts of London. It is aimed at working journalists, people in public life and students in the UK and around the world, and is a place where journalists and the wider world can examine and discuss the media and its impact on society.

Charlie Beckett is the founding director of POLIS. He has been a news and current affairs journalist for 20 years at the BBC and ITN's Channel 4 news. During his time at the BBC he was a Reuters Fellow at Oxford where he wrote a thesis on the effects of new technology on the emerging media in a developing country.
Read his director's weblog at www.charliebeckett.org| 

4 December 2006