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Multi-culture in times of war

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Paul Gilroy, Anthony Giddens Professor in Social Theory at LSE, will give a public lecture at the School on Wednesday 10 May. He will speak on Multi-culture in Times of War.

Britain's 'multi-culturalism' was officially pronounced dead in July 2005. The speaker will explore elements of its afterlife. This lecture will discuss some ways of approaching the social and cultural life of Britain's diverse polity which do not derive from the currently influential idea that civilisations are in conflict. Arguments, on the one hand for the revival of empire and, on the other, for a new mode of assimilation, form the framework of Professor Gilroy's observations.

Professor Paul Gilroy is the first holder of the Anthony Giddens Professorship in Social Theory at LSE. He is best known for his work on racism, nationalism and ethnicity and his original approach to the history of the African Diaspora into the western hemisphere.

Howard Davies, Director at LSE, will chair this event.

Multi-culture in Times of War is on Wednesday 10 May 2006 at 6.30pm in the Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A. This event is free and open to all with no ticket required.


To reserve a press seat, please contact Jessica Winterstein, LSE Press Office, on 020 7955 7060 or email j.winterstein@lse.ac.uk| 

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Paul Gilroy of LSE will look at the ways forward for Britain's diverse population after the 7/7 attacks and the supposed 'death' of multiculturalism in a lecture at LSE this Wednesday. The following day, former foreign secretary Lord Hurd will examine the morality of decision-making in foreign policy with philosopher Sir Anthony Kenny and Alan Montefiore of Middlesex University. 

4 May 2006